The Arctos Family
Arctos is a family of modular control sets to automate processes:
• Chemical test & research plants
• Motion control applications
Three versions of the Arctos are available:
• Arctos X: a modular control cabinet combined with a PC based SCADA application
• Arctos Y: a modular control cabinet with an integrated HMI SCADA solution
• Arctos Z: multiple modular control cabinets combined with one PC based SCADA application
Arctos X
The Arctos X is a 19 inch Control Cabinet containing a stand-alone controller and all the hardware needed to control:
• A master-slave temperature control loop
• An AC or DC motor drive to control, for instance, a stirrer
• One or more valves or lights
The Arctos X comes with a PC or laptop with the SCADA application installed. The BEAM software is part of the SCADA system.
Arctos Y
The Arctos Y is quite similar to the Arctos X, only the SCADA system is situated on the built-in HMI on the cabinet. BEAM is not part of this SCADA application!
Arctos Z
The Arctos Z is an extention of the Arctos X. It uses its functionality to combine multiple process controllers, displaying those processes on a single PC monitor. BEAM is of course part of this SCADA solution.