BEAM automation software

The alternative to complex and expensive batch control systems.

  • Additional automation layer
  • Easy installation
  • All-purpose

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In the oil, gas and energy industries, many different plants and installations are in operation throughout the world. Based on our extensive experience in this sector, we know that many of these systems are still operated manually in a sub-optimal way. This usually results in significant loss of efficiency and quality.

We introduce you to the BEAM-AUTOMATION concept where these issues are resolved in a sustainable way. BEAM-AUTOMATION is easily installed on top of your existing base-layer process control system and results directly in a recipe-driven operation where data acquisition, historical trending and reporting is integrated. This system is proven as fit-for-purpose and affordable for small and medium-sized research and development facilities, but also in world-scale manufacturing plants.

We know that we can improve your results and efficiency quickly. BEAM-AUTOMATION software is specifically developed as a low cost, high quality system. BEAM-AUTOMATION will make maximum use of your operator’s intelligence and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations

What we offer

Next generation control & automation

  • Procedure (recipe) module: reducing operator (repetitive) work, reducing wasted time and products, increase production quality.
  • Calculator function: process parameter-based equations that support advanced automation.
  • Graph function: plot real-time and historical data in multiple graphs.


  • Inclusion of all relevant data (including analytical device results) in one report.
  • Standardized reporting to save valuable time and provide enhanced insights for your operator.

Procedure editor

Create and edit procedures

Report generator

Customize and generate your reports


Show historical AND real time data in these graphs


Add mathematical functionality to your unit

What can you expect?


  • Repetitive actions >> human errors
  • Waiting time >> operational inefficiency
  • Operational error >> quality inconsistency
  • Quality and time loss >> lost production and reputation damage


  • Consistent quality
  • No time wasted
  • No product wasted
  • Maximized output
  • Improved reputation