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Test Automation Services for laboratory and R&D environments

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Custom automation solutions using LabVIEW.

BearTree Automation B.V. specializes in the implementation of automation projects for Industry, Horticulture, Agriculture and Research & Development departments and organizations. Our main aim is to increase the productivity of the researcher, laboratory technician or operator. We achieve this by taking away waiting times through automation.

This is what clients say about us

“Thanks Roland van Zanten, it was a pleasure to work with you. I recommend you for your capability to deal with rather abstract (XPure) processes, and thanks for your tenacity to get it all right to the last bit. Looking forward to our next projects!”

- René Nanninga, Director at XPure Systems, ProPharmaGroup

“Our ALD systems are complex systems, manipulating potentially dangerous gases and vapors with timings on the millisecond scale through a multitude of components such as pneumatic valves, temperature controls, pressure gauges, throttle valves, mass flows controllers etc. Working with BearTree Automation enabled us to develop a highly reliable, real time and scaleable automation system that performs extremely well in an industrial environment.”

- Jacques Kools, CEO & Founder at Encapsulix

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